“Stargazing from your bed…”

Step into the Extraordinary: Our Bamboo Grove Villa is a true oasis surrounded by towering bamboo trees that seem to touch the sky, it’s a connection to nature like no other.              
At night, witness the celestial magic as you stargaze from your cosy bed under a transparent triangular roof. Experience quiet relaxation as the water gently flows beneath your villa. This is Diyabubula, where nature and architecture seamlessly combine.   


“Purity amidst nature’s embrace”

Embrace Mornings in Paradise: At Diyabubula, awaken to the gentle caress of sunrays and the melodic serenade of birds. Here, even the lotus blooms in greeting, inviting you to purify your mind amidst nature’s embrace.

“Secluded Heaven”

The two levels of this villa built around a tree as old as Diyabubula is a testament to how nature and architecture seamlessly combine.
Diyabubula is Barberyns’ Jungle and Art Hideaway and is a secluded haven perfect for your next getaway.   

“Forest Therapy”

Forest therapy to soothe your soul. Experience serenity in the Water villas crafted by the visionary Laki. Surrounded by his masterful artwork and the soothing symphony of nature, it’s time to relax and rediscover your connection with paradise.

“Artistic Serenity…”

Artistic Serenity: Where Nature Embraces Comfort in an Enchanting Villa Hideaway. Relax & reconnect with nature in villas designed by Laki, surrounded by his artwork and the calming sounds of paradise.