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Diyabubula is a magical & romantic boutique destination in Sri Lanka. It seamlessly combines the ‘back to nature’ experience with a luxury environment.

Designed to celebrate the wilderness of Sri Lanka as well as the works of one of its most renowned artists, Laki Senanayake, Diyabubula fuses visionary artwork with the tranquil environment of the jungle in a seamless and romantic way to create a secluded haven, especially for honeymooners.

Enjoy a memorable romantic stay in one of the five villas, in the middle of the jungle, experiencing the surrounding atmosphere of running waters and grand trees.

Our team will be pleased to help you create the most beautiful romantic experience.

Diyabubula was named as one of the top 5 honeymoon destinations by Country & Town House magazine

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Diyabubula, the Barberyn Art & Jungle Hideaway

“Diyabubula means “bubbling fountain” – there is an eternal spring on the property. Diyabubula also symbolizes the power of the earth and the creativity bubbling up in this magical location.”

Diyabubula is the Oasis that Laki Senanayeke, one of Sri Lanka's most renowned artists created in Dambulla, Sri Lanka. Over a period of 50 years, he transformed flat cultivation land into a lush forest, a water garden and an open air art gallery.

In 2012, Laki, built for the owners of Barberyn Ayurveda Resorts an Art & Jungle Hideaway - a small luxury lodge, a boutique hotel, consisting of five villas. He chose 100 year old railway sleepers as basic building material. This wood, seasoned by sun and rain over a century, has been combined with sleek and beautiful timber sourced from all over Sri Lanka, and hand-crafted right at Diyabubula. Laki designed and executed every detail of the lodge, and it is his most important work of art.

Laki shared this beautiful oasis with us, and he continued to live and work in his minimalist space until he passed away in June 2021.

We are integrating Lakis' abode and studio, with our Art and Jungle Lodge in keeping with Lakis' wish, so that his legacy on Art, Sculpture and Architecture and biodiversity can be kept alive. It is a precious responsibility, and we invite you to join us on this uncharted journey.


The Barberyn Art & Jungle Hideaway

Our Villas

Lake House

The Lake house is the last space that Laki built “to watch the stars” - though the trees hide the stars. “You can rebuild it one day” he casually remarked, and this is what we did. (read more)

Water Villas

Made from rail sleepers and other recycled wood, with a spacious bedroom upstairs… (read more)

The Bamboo Grove

A triangular transparent roof under a canopy of bamboo, watch the stars from your bed at night…(read more)

The Tree House

The rafters of the tree house are living Areca Nut trees. They have been trained to grow at an angle, building the structure for the roof… (read more)

What our guests say about Diyabubula

Quotes from Guest reviews

“Dreamy place, excellent for resting, meditating and visiting the nearby Dambulla caves…”
“Such a beautiful property with absolute private villas in the jungle and excellent food.”

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Art in the jungle, World Heritage Cultural Sites, Wildlife Reserves - we have them all.

There’s plenty to see inside the resort, from nature to art - click here.


A wide range of excursions to some of Sri Lanka’s best known sights - click here.

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Dining at Diyabubula


Dining at Diyabubula

Our cozy restaurent serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your comfort at Diyabubula means everything to us: if you would like to get some refreshments or snacks outside meal times, our chef will be happy to accomodate your orders. Fresh fruit juices and tea can be ordered any time of the day.

In accordance with the Barberyn philosophy, we do not serve meat, and we do not serve alcohol. We serve fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and seafood, deliciously prepared by an experienced chef and his staff.

Breakfast comes international style – start the day with Western dishes as well as Sri Lankan specialties. Lunch could be a Sri Lankan meal of rice with a range of curries and fish. If you desire just a light meal, spaghetti, lasagna, or anything else – just inform the chef before meal time. Dinner will be Western style - consisting of a starter, soup, main dish and dessert. Our chef will discuss your choice of dinner menu with you.



Room Rates

Daily rates are per room and include full board accommodation, service charges and government tax. All prices in Euro.

All rooms are priced at same rates



·         Water Villas

·         Lake House

·         Tree House

·         Bamboo Grove 

140 Euro (Full board)

130 Euro (Half board)

180 Euro (Full board)

160 Euro (Half board)


  • Transfer between Colombo Airport and Diyabubula = 100 Euro (one way)
  • Daily rates include accommodation, service charges and government tax. All prices are in Euro.
  • Daily room rates are inclusive of housekeeping charges.
  • A 24 hour front desk is available for our guests.
  • For inquiries and reservations, please click here

Excursion rates will be provided on application



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